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      Dave LoveysDave Loveys

        I have also entered to start from Burford House, which I believe is near Tenbury Wells, Geoff. I have entered my P1 so am not under any pressure to get it finished

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        Geoff PinchGeoff Pinch

          I had an email exchange with the MAC Classic organisers today and this morning (Wednesday 19th January) there were 3 spaces left for starting at the Burford House Garden Centre.


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          Bart RatkiewiczBart Ratkiewicz

            And David Moseley Geoff

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            Geoff PinchGeoff Pinch

              Only Mel and James so far as I am aware. Is there anyone else interested so I can see if there is a suitable local hotel and whether I can get a reduction in the B&B daily rate?

              Geoff (

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              Geoff PinchGeoff Pinch

                It has been suggested that The MAC Classic 2022 on Sunday 24th April would be an excellent event for Allard members to meet up for, hopefully with some April sunshine rather than showers. The event has three separate starting points:

                1. The Classic Motor Hub, Bibury, Gloucestershire, GL7 5FF

                2. Burford House Garden Centre, Worcestershire, WR15 8HQ

                3. Halfpenny Green Vineyards, Staffordshire, DY7 5EP

                The entry fee is £85.

                Both James Smith and Mel Herman have booked to start from the Burford Garden Centre. This is the most popular starting point of the three and I checked with MAC on Friday 17th Dec.

                There are 12 remaining starting places from this point. The other two both have plenty of places. If we are to make it a social weekend and there is sufficient interest I will find a Hotel for Saturday 23rd so we can gather for an evening meal and travel in convoy to the starting point on the Sunday morning.

                MAC say that they cannot reserve places without payment in full, so my suggestion is that anyone interested books as soon as possible.

                From the attached extract of the MAC response it would seem cancellations for full refund would have to made in early March should that be necessary, although I am sure substitutions would be allowed if the ticket is paid for.

                MAC say:

                As of this morning I understand there are (were) 12 spaces left for the Burford Start. Unfortunately I cannot reserve these for your Club but it would be great to receive your entries.

                The possible suggestion I would make is for you to book (you would have to pay) for, say, 8/10 entries in your name with your car/passenger details and then I would update all the information as and when you were in a position to confirm who would be going.

                If you did decide to go down that route, I would ask that you let me know and also advise me as soon as you are able with the correct details. I appreciate this sounds a bit complicated!

                Alternatively you could consider starting at one of the other venues which have more capacity at the moment. In this case, if the people who have already entered for Burford wished to move, I would organise that for you.

                Finally, if you decided to go for the Burford option and reserve spaces immediately, we would be prepared to refund the entry fees if you were unable to ‘fill them’ – so long as this was early in March.

                The link to the appropriate web pages is:


                And the booking page for Burford House start point:


                Please let me know in this thread if you book and also whether you’d like me to arrange for a Hotel we could meet at. Alternatively please email on:




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