1958-59 Allard GT Coupe

Allard Palm Beach MKII & GT Coupe

Years of Manufacture: 1956/59
Numbers produced: 8

There were 8 Palm Beach Mk2’s produced, two of which were hardtop GT’s. The first of these produced was Sydney Allard’s own car fitted with a 3.4L 6 cylinder Jaguar engine. The second model was commissioned by a US customer with a full race Chrysler engine and automatic gearbox. Both GT cars survive today,.The Jaguar engine car is now in the United States and currently undergoing a full restoration. The Chrysler engine version  is still campaigned competitively in US historic racing.

Wheelbase: 96 inches
Track Front: 52 inches
Track Rear: 51 inches
Overall length: 13 ft 6 inches
Width: 5ft 3 inches
Weight (with Jaguar engine): 25.5 cwt
Suspension Front: McPherson type with laminated torsion bars
Suspension Rear: De Dion with coils