Competition Results 2021 – ( The top 10 )

Results for 2021

Points awarded:

  • Turn up and Sign on = 1 point.  
  • Entered in an Allard = 2 more Points.
  • A Good Result = 1 more Point.
  • Plus Double points for AOC core events.
Dr Jonathan RoseAllard FGP-75023
Tim LlewellynAllard J220
Dave LoveysAllard K120
Ollie LlewellynAllard J219
Chris Pring Allard J219
Mark Brett Ballamy (LMB)16
Sören Forsberg Sports 2000     (Top European score)16
Max Sowerby Talbot Lago T12015
James Smith Allard J114
Douglas Klink Allard K2 (Top USA score)12