1952-54 Allard Palm Beach

Allard Palm Beach MKI

Years of Manufacture: 1952/54
Numbers produced: 74

The MK1 Allard Palm Beach was offered with a variety of power units, namely the Ford Consul 4 cylinder engine (8 examples), the Ford Zephyr 6 cylinder (65 examples) and a unique example with a Dodge ‘Red Ram’ V8 engine.

Wheelbase: 96 inches
Track Front: 56 inches
Track Rear: 52 ½ inches
Overall length: 15 ft
Width: 4ft 11 inches
Weight: 19 cwt
Suspension Front: Coil
Suspension Rear: Live (Zephyr) axle with Coils
Shock Absorbers: Tubular front & rear

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