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      Ben StevensBen Stevens

        Not sure Tim, I’ve emailed him for an update but not heard anything back.  His original estimate was about 10 weeks to turn it around.  I’m not in any huge hurry though because if I can get the A and B pillars made, and the doors hung then Jim is going to build in a small roll cage / seat belt mounting type affair at the same time.  I can’t get him to do that though until I know where the seats will actually be.

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        Tim WilsonTim Wilson

          Yep – the new changes are working well; v. interesting to have the longer section on members’ cars. Your project is fabulous, Ben – what a machine that is going to be! Has Jim Turnbull already done your engine? I’m waiting in the queue! 😀


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          Ben StevensBen Stevens

            I’d just like to be the first to say Congratulations on the latest edition of Tailwagger – from my initial glance it looks absolutely BRILLIANT!  I’ve been saving it for the weekend so am about to go and make myself a G & T and settle down for a read.

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