The Allard P1 Fastback returns!!

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      Ron DowleRon Dowle

        Ben, Looking and sounding great.

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        Ben StevensBen Stevens

          First drive up the road….

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          Jon LangleyJon Langley

            Well done Ben, body on before New Years eve , drive round the block New Years day ?

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            Tim WilsonTim Wilson

              Brilliant news, Ben: another last-minute coup from Jim T – as he prophesied! Is there a prominent star above your house, by any chance? The rolling chassis looks good, and the engine looks and sounds superb. And l shudder to think how you managed to bring that old engine off the flat-bed and under cover… Yuletide greetings, Tim.

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              Ben StevensBen Stevens

                As it happens I’m off to my parents early tomorrow morning so won’t get to play properly until Monday afternoon.  It’s torture!!

                I might put the audio from that video on a loop so it can lull me to sleep at night…

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                Bart RatkiewiczBart Ratkiewicz

                  Fabulous Ben, The smile says it all.

                  Now don’t forget you got the veg to peel before you can carry on with your toys.

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                  Ben StevensBen Stevens

                    Finally… the P1 fastback has returned home from Royal Kustoms.

                    And it runs!!

                    I know I’m biased, but it sounds AMAZING!   It’s the first time I’ve heard it run since acquiring it nearly 18 months ago so this is just the best Christmas present I could ever have wished for.

                    Did I mention that I’m now VERY excited?  (you may be able to tell from the video)


                    Getting the old engine off the back of the truck was a fun challenge mind.


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