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        Thanks James.All clear now.The old MSA has gone and has been replaced and all the licences are completely re-formatted.

        Cheers and a Happy New Year to you too!/Roger




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        james smithjames smith


          All quite simple.

          Go to


          Competition Licences

          Renew your License on line

          Get log in details

          Apply for a R S National.

          Pay £149 before the 20% is applied.

          I expect the 20% discount is for those who had a license this year.

          Happy New Year




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            James, I’ve been out of the competition side of things for a while.I’ve tried looking for the MSA and National A licences. I can’t find any reference to either anywhere.Any clues?



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            james smithjames smith

              I have just renewed my National A competition license on line. No medical required and before end January there is a 20%discount on last years price.


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