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      Tim WilsonTim Wilson
        • Thanks for these, Geoff. Phenomenal work, bearing in mind your and Jon’s awareness of the need to retain the history, 60 yr-old mods, to strengthen where necessary and get all the datum points realigned. Looking forward to seeing more pics as the repairs continue. Great stuff! Tim.
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        Geoff PinchGeoff Pinch


          More of Jims pictures:


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          Geoff PinchGeoff Pinch

            As everyone knows, Jim had slight coming together with a cast iron lamp post  at the Brighton Speed Trials, requiring a bit more than some T-Cut and a good buffing. Whilst we have a few other things going on at the moment, we managed to agree a sale of the Chris Sole M Type kit to John Dyson after the NEC Show and had a (small) space in the workshop in December. Jon and I discussed the opportunity to assist Jim and agreed it was the right thing to do to offer assistance.

            Jim bought the chassis to the workshop in December and we man-handled it on to the chassis jig Jon constructed when we started work on the Chris Sole cars. The fabrication is Jon’s speciality and the majority of the responsibility and time has been his over the past 8 weeks.

            The pictures are not intended as a project file, but serve to illustrate the starting point and the challenges Jon has had to grapple with to get the chassis back together. Whilst we don’t want to remove/improve the history and changes on the chassis, we have sought to identify areas where we can put safety, strength and stability back without changing the design.

            Examples would be: the front suspension turret on the o/s had to be rebuilt so Jon has used 3mm steel where previously it was 2mm. This has been replicated on the n/s as well but we have reused the original Allard steel gussets under the top spring platform; rebuilding the front cruciform on the o/s which has been cut out for the clutch master cylinder; making new ends for the cruciform and welding them to the outside of the chassis legs to put some rigidity back before replacing the inner chassis boxing; rebuilding the engine mounts and welding them to the inside of the chassis U section before boxing replaced – originally they were just welded to the inside of the boxed chassis. Jon has also added a new bolt in cross brace that bolts to the engine mounts to further strengthen the chassis.

            These are some of Jim’s pictures during dismantling to show where we started:

            I need to speak to Ben to understand how I can continue adding pictures to this thread. Once I’ve done that I’ll post the pictures below and make short commentary where it’s required. The quality of the pictures under the lighting isn’t great so apologies for that. Hope you find it interesting once I get them sorted.


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