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      Michael KnapmanMichael Knapman

        Mike Copeland’s thoughts of fitting a Chevrolet LS engine in a Cadillac Allard may horrify you or not but at least it is nice to know that people at General Motors remembered the Cadillac Allard.
        From Hot Rod Network Newsletter today. From an Article article titled “Street Freak Mid-Engine Hemi in Dodge Rampage”.
        Quote: Taking any Mopar from the smog era and doing something meaningful with it requires an individual who thinks outside the box. That divergent thought process is what we found at SEMA 2019 in Mike Copeland’s mid-engine ’84 Rampage, appropriately named Outrage. We sat down with him to find out what it took to get it done, and he explained, “I’ve been wanting to build a mid-engine car for many years. Something that I could go and compete with at a Goodguys event, Optima, or drive around in.” That notion dates back to the late ’90s when Mike was working at General Motors. By virtue of his employer’s DNA, his idea then was to build something LS powered, with the likely candidate a Pontiac Fiero or a Cadillac Allard. At that point in time it was just that—an idea, but one that lingered for many years. Unquote

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