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      Ron DowleRon Dowle

        Sitting here just about to watch the Italian Job. Whilst waiting for my copy to arrive.  I am looking forward to a good read, might even make me head out to  the workshop in the cold.

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        Bart RatkiewiczBart Ratkiewicz

          I’m very much looking forward to receiving and reading my signed copy from Alan.

          I’ve actually heard very good reports form Members already.


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          Peter LovePeter Love

            Yes I look forward to reading my copy – I hear mixed things about the picture quality and that much of Lance’s text and pictures was changed by Alan unfortunately. Yours PL

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              james smithjames smith

                I read that PL is pasting negative comments on Alan’s new book without having seen a copy.

                We should all be pleased that Alan and Lance’s book is now on sale and I say very well done to them for completing this lovely book which I am sure everybody will enjoy reading .

                It casts new light on Sydney’s and his and his families successes and achievements which are interesting to read about.


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                  Peter LovePeter Love

                    Thank you James, I have been honoured with a review copy which has arrived today, very pleased to see some pictures of my L, LKR in the book! Any book on our favourite make of car is worth having! I look forward to reading it properly however you must agree the opening upright picture of SA is of poor quality and I am sure a better picture could have been found of him. One only wants the ‘best’ for our strange machines to others eyes. No matter what, let’s hope the book will encourage others to be interested in our make and perpetuate it for future generations to come. I look forward to enjoying it over the forthcoming weeks! Congratulations to all involved.

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                james smithjames smith

                  Mine arrived yesterday and on first look it will be a very good read.

                  In these long days of lock down where  1 in 30 people in London have it, I will have the pleasure of a long read and look  at the great pictures while keeping safe indoors.

                  Thank you Alan any your family and also Lance Cole for making this happen.



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                  Ben StevensBen Stevens

                    Excellent news, I have bought mine and am just waiting for it to arrive.

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                    Tim WilsonTim Wilson

                      My copy of ‘Allard, the complete story’ arrived yesterday.

                      It does not disappoint. Superb detail in the accounts, with new (to me) anecdotes and first-hand references and info. Many new pics, previously unpublished. This a must for every Allardiste.


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