Advice on setting up wipers: K/L-type windscreen.

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      Tim WilsonTim Wilson

        Hi, all: l’ve never had successfully working wipers. The n/side wiper is driven by my screen-mounted Lucas motor – and it works fine, with a generous, broad sweep. The problem begins when l link up the driver’s side wiper to the idler spindle, using the generally available (from classic motor factors) extendable/adjustable rod between the 2 wiper arms. This seems to create resistance or linkage friction which at once causes the motor and n/side wiper to baulk. Incidentally, the 2 threaded, swivelling pivots on either wiper arm, don’t appear to align very well, which must add to the resistance and reluctance of the arms to progress across the screen. Q: What am l missing? Is there a particular wiper accessory kit which will resolve this issue? Your thoughts and advice, please. Tia, Tim.

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