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Des SowerbyDes Sowerby

    I know this car a bit. It was most recently owned by Stewart Crouch who bought it ? 3 years ago from Graham Fuller.  I went to see it at Graham’s place in February 2017 during my researches for the pre-war boolet as Mike Knapman alerted me that Graham Fuller had a car that he (Graham) thought might be a pre-war Allard Special. As observed above it is a lovely car with lots that is Allard-like about it. Stewart contacted me during 2021 hoping I could support its putative status as a pre-war Allard Special, which I did not feel able to do. During this period I was contacted by EDS Motorsport asking for observations, though they never got back to me.

    I wrote a note at the time of my visit and can add more details when we discuss the car in a Registrars meeting. But in brief there are two variant stories I picked up that day: one from Graham and a different one from John Patterson who I visited on my way home. Graham responded to an advert on a newsagents window and bought the car from a lockup in a seedy part of Cambridge, the seller assuring him it was a pre-war Allard. John Patterson recounts a series of earlier owners including coming across the car at Duxford Service Station where John  provided the proprieter with an L type chassis plate and log book so it could be registered after which it must have gone to Cambridge. Graham feels John must have been talking about a different car but John is certain it is the same car. Graham was going to send me paperwork but never did. Looking forward to the discussion…Des