Reply To: MVX 722

Tim WilsonTim Wilson
      <li style=”text-align: left;”>What a lovely, evocative photo, Russell. To my eye, it looks like an L-type, tho as you say, this was a car bought new as a running chassis and bodied by an outside firm. Trying to date it, l see the relevant 2 registration letters pertain to Chelmsford, and the movable letter, ‘M’ is quite far on in that VX series, but someone local to that area might have a better idea when ‘M’ was reached. For example, ‘K’ in KLD5 relates to the 1948 J1, while ‘M’ in Carlisle (HH) wasn’t released until cars were being registered in 1958. It would be great to hear some more of the history behind ‘MVX’. Tim.