Reply To: Patinated P1

Dave LoveysDave Loveys

    Russell, I have just come in from my workshop having been working 0on my P1 drivers side A post. Judging from the age of your car, unless the A posts have been replaced I would certainly want to check them out. Does the door lock catch work loose? On my car that was the first sign of trouble. If you unscrew one of the screws holding the catch in place will give you an idea of what is in there. Lower down on the A post there is a little locator bracket that should mate up with a half moon shaped piece of rubber. This helps locate and hold the door in position. If this is loose, or it may have been fibreglass into position, there is another clue to rotten wood. Gaining access to the A post is not as difficult as you might think, if youare brave. The aluminium shell is bent around the wooden frame and pinned into place. If you can’t see the pins, or the edge of the aluminium, the I suspect it has been filled with body filler to get the shape and finis required. I shall use filler on mine before painting. You can probe this with a sharp screwdriver or similar. If this is the case in order to access the A post, you will need to remove all of it. Once done the aluminium edge should now show. If the wood is rotten removing the pins is relatively easy.  If the wood is good relax and go for a pint. Just remove a small section of filler to check. If you need to replace the wood, then uncover the whole door edge, remove any filler and get out as many of the pins as possible. Next, using a sharp screw driver  or an old wood chisel, get the blade underneath the edge of the aluminium and gently pry it away fro the timber frame. I have done this twice now on my car, and the aluminium is still OK. I just pry it away little by litte working my way along the frame. Once I can get a pair of pliers underneath the edge I use pliers, but only bend the aluminium a bit each time. Hopefully your aluminium will be as forgiving as mine has been. A warm atmosphere would be an advantage. I have photos and descriptions of my work oon my P1 in this technical section of this forum. This afternoon I have just refitted and tacked into place my aluminium. If you wish you can ring me any time. 07850 655132. I will ring you back if I can’t take the call because I am driving. Some of the lorries Don’t have hands free facilities. Dave.