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Russell McCleaveRussell McCleave

    Good Evening gents, and thank you for your input.

    Today removed the rear window ready for resealing. All that was holding it in were the timber trims, no wonder it was letting in water. There’s clear silicone all along the roof gutters: I guess these are separate to the roof panel, and can let water in ? The windscreen and A-posts are generously siliconed too ! I’m assuming any folds/ joins in the metal of the A-posts is a potential source of water ingress ? Without silicone, the windscreen can normally be opened at the bottom, right ?

    At first glance, the door apertures appear approx. 10mm wider than they should be to accomodate the door and gaps, along their bottoms. There’s no distorted metal work, so I assume the bases of the A and B posts have not somehow moved to be further apart from each other than they were 70 years ago: hopefully not, and just a bit of jiggling required to make the door fit better.

    Unlikely to make it to Uppingham.