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Tim WilsonTim Wilson

    No cause for concern, Ben. I fitted a Facet pump last April, as suggested by Jim Turnbull, when l abandoned the old-school AC/SU system. And yes, the new pump whirrs away continuously from ign. switch-on, whether or not the engine is running – unlike, say, an SU which ticks away until the carb float chambers are full. I’m not sure why the Facet does this or what’s going on ‘under the metal’ while it does so. I just got used to the new characteristic – let’s face it (or ‘let’s Facet’!), there are so many other extraneous noises when the Flathead is running, that one extra clatter hardly seems to matter :D. I’m assuming that Jim T also fitted a fuel-pressure regulator while he did the work on your car, so he’ll have set it at the prescribed level. So just put a heavier-duty set of earplugs in, when you start up! Tim.