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Dave LoveysDave Loveys

    I have been working on the P1  whenever I have been able to. I have now got the A post timber piece in place to my satisfaction and this evening have started to shape it. This will take at least three or four days. I have  already nearly cocked up the new timber piece up by starting to plane off wood from the wrong side of it. Fortunately I realised my mistake and there is plenty of spare wood to play with. Once the shape is right, I have to recess the post to accommodate the windscreen and to allow the aluminium shell to be wrapped back and tacked to the new wood. I may have to glue some additional steps to the old aluminium where there is too much corrosion,  but I think the old Allard aluminium will be OK. I have a bit of spare Allard aluminium should I require it. I will try modern special glue before resorting to welding as I want to preserve as much of the original paint as I can. Once again I shall be using liberal amounts of Tiger seal glue to hopefully keep damp and corrosion at bay. Photos to follow.