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Tim WilsonTim Wilson
    • Very interesting and thought-provoking points, David – thanks for this. I always threw Duckams 20/50 into my old bangers, right back from when l got an Austin 7, 54 yrs ago. Nowadays, in the Allard, Land Rover and TR3 l always use Halfords 20/50 which, so far as l know, retains sufficient ZDDP in its composition. The 21-stud in the Special has no oil filter, so l just change the oil once a year, by which time the car won’t have done more than 3k miles (much, much less, this last year!). But l suppose these engines are old and unsophisticated in design, and are likely happy on relatively simple (and cheap!) lubricants. Looking forward to hearing what more experienced Allardistes than l, have to offer on this. Tim.

    • The 21ZDDP