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Dave LoveysDave Loveys

    As promised, I have made a good start on the O/S. Starting afresh last Monday morning I made the decision to start with a new piece of wood for the roof section. I have now finished this to my satisfaction, but found that due to the complex curves I still needed to add an extra piece of wood to finish the job as I wanted. I will post a photo of the finished piece clamped in place tomorrow.  I straight away started on the A post. The passenger side was so rotten that it basically fell to pieces. Not so with the Drivers side, but I soon found the way forward  albeit damaging my trusty wood chisel in the process. Needles to say there was plenty of rotten wood to remove, and with occasional judicious use of my electric drill and angle grinder I had it dismantled in no time. There was a little rot to the edge of the bulkhead cross member which I have now repaired. I also needed to remove and repair the steering wheel coloumn support bracket which I have just finished this evening. I will post photos of the extent of rotten wood , roof repair timber and bulkhead repair tomorrow evening hopefully including more progress update. Dave