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Dave LoveysDave Loveys

    Good morning all. I have spent all of the weeken creating a new piece of wood to replace the rotten timber that was removed. Previous experience warned me that this is not straightforward.  So it proved this time again. I started with a suitably sized piece of wood deep and wide enough th enable me to carve out the shape I require. Needless to say it wasn’t too long before I realised I had removed too much wood from some places. Fortunately modern glue means this can be remedied by gluing on more suitably sized timber and planing back more carefully. This was done three times and I now have the perfectly fitting piece of wood for the job. Will I use this or use it to make another piece without the glued additions? I see no reason not to use it but may have another go to do the job with just one  piece of wood. As promised I have finished fitting the trim and additional sealing to the N/S door. My P1 has always had a gap between the bottom of thbe door and the bodywork.  This has always been sealed by the door trim. Over many years of use this has proved inadequate, therefore I have glued an extra sealing strip along the body. Now I have fitted the normal trim along the foor and added a strip of timber to hold it in place and firm against the door bottom. I am posting photos hopefully with the descriptive captions in the right place. If they aren’t I will have created another unintentional puzzle for you all to solve. Here we go.