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Dave LoveysDave Loveys

    <p style=”text-align: right;”>As you can see I haven’t got the photo description tags attached to the relevant photos.1st photo shows headlining untacked exposing rotten wood. 2nd shows joint with A post secured with a plate which we removed and replaced 30 years ago. Original from the factory. .3rd photo showing the extent of rot going backwards over the door and window. The 4th photo shows the original joint to the frame coming up from the mudguard, joining together with the roof support timber over the rear window. Fortunately this wood is still good . The final photo shows the timber removed. I have some work to do removing the screws that joined the roof cross members to the roof support timber. I could cut them off but think I may be able to unscrew the little curved joining pieces in order to get the old screws out.. the whole frame was obviously assembled before the Aluminium skin was put on. I can either make up brackets or fit screws up through the new wood. The aim is not to disturb the aluminium skin and paint as all is good in that department..</p>