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Dave LoveysDave Loveys

    I intend to add my own touch to the N/S interior finish, which I will  post photos of when my varnished wood strip is dry an fitted and the job completed. I have now progressed to the drivers side and removed the reas window and water channel, and carefully untacked the headlining as per photo. I have pinned this back and investigated the wood that runs back over the door and rear window. Although not as badly rotted as on the N/S, which fell out in pieces  it is pretty much gone. I have carefully cut this out now and today plan to make up a new piece to fit into the gap. Fortunately,  as on the passenger side the wood going down to form the mudguard support is still good. This is still original so proves that if kept dry wood can last as long as steel. We’ll nearly. I haven’t yet investigated the front A post but am certain that from the door lock down it is rotten. No doubt rain and damp have penetrator pa’s the windscreen and water has run down the pillar and been blown along the top of the door causing the rot I have found