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Tim WilsonTim Wilson

    More feedback on the fuelling problems, folks: I’ve now driven the Special 50 mls since my last mods/adjustments – 25 of those miles this morning. I even risked 8 of those on the very busy A1M – real ‘heart in mouth’ stuff. The result is good! There was no engine hesitation, spit-back or flames from the carb intakes. In theory, it’s still running-in, after the Royal Kustoms rebuild, but l couldn’t resist wellying it a little towards the end of the test. This is reassuring, since l have been more and more convinced that the problem was capacity of supply from the new Facet pump, having been able to rule out low pressure, grot in the tank, pipe bores which were too narrow or partially blocked, and electronic issues linked with the Stromberg e-destributor. What seems to have been causing low volume of fuel supply, appears to have been loose wiring at the pump (my fault!) and the need for a relay, wired between the pump and the ign. switch. The other thing is that l will stick to E5 97 octane, to be on the safe side. So l’ll take it out again for a longer test run soon. Many thanks to everyone who helped with troubleshooting suggestions – both here on the Forum and on the Club Zoom sessions – your advice has been so much appreciated. Tim.