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Dave LoveysDave Loveys

    Good morning all. Ben, Tim. I have done a quick calculation basing an average speed of 20 mph, using fuel at 3 mpg, which i reckon would be more than adequate for heavy, prolonged accelaration or 5he equivalent of climbin a long steep hiil. I reckon your fuel pump needs to deliver 2.71 pints per minute to achieve this. There fore if you remove th fuel pipe supplying the carburettors and direct the petrol into a suitable clean empty container, then run the fuel pump for one minute exactly you can measure how much your fuel pump is supplying to the carburettors. Be careful. Fire extinguisher on hand. I once set a series 2 Landrover on fire just by flashing the points of it’s SU fuel pump. Fortuntely i had a good fire extinguisher to hand, therefore no damage.if the supply is adequate either there is something being sucked into yhe fuel tank outlet or the problem lies else where. Try changing the coil as coils overheating can cuse similar problem to fuel starvation