Reply To: Towing points

Tim WilsonTim Wilson

    Hmm… no – it’s not much clearer than mud! Pic.1 has the n/s chassis leg coming from the top and Northeast side of the coil spring. Below the leg is the axle drop-restraining bracket; and slanting diagonally down to the right from the chassis leg, is the front chassis x-member, which is semi-hollow. Looking up into this x-member takes you to Pic.2, which shows (with the brown speckled bit) the hollow section of that x-member. to the v. left of pic is the front edge of the axle drop-restraining bracket, while to the right is the rear side of the n/s axle perch bolt.  Pic.3 doesn’t help much – it’s taken from the front of the car. A towing eye could be welded to the front underside of the near- or offside chassis leg, and dog-leg between the axle-drop bracket and the coil spring to the outboard of that. Apologies for confusing the situation even further! 😀