Reply To: Towing points

Tim WilsonTim Wilson

    Sorry for the diversionary anecdote, Ben. My Special is reputed to have a P-type chassis (coil springs at the front), and l’ve just been for a grovel underneath the car. Although mine (cycle mudguards) is a lot more open at the front than yours will be, the same route might nevertheless apply: l think welding or bolting a towing bracket + eye onto the underneath of the chassis longeron at the front  – either n/s or o/s will probably do – might work. The extension for the eye might have to dog-leg between the axle bump stop and the cage (ie. the bracket around the swing front axle which prevents that side of the Ballamy axle from dropping too far into positive camber), but so long as it is mounted well outboard, it shouldn’t end up being nipped by a rebounding axle. It’s proving the dickens of a thing to photo, but when l get the car out tomorrow, l’ll get a snap of the layout from the front end.  Tim.