Reply To: Towing points

Tim WilsonTim Wilson

    A very good idea to address this while the rebuild is under way, Ben. I suffered a dismal tale of woe a few years ago after my TR was immobilised in Belgium by contaminant in the fuel tank. Cutting a long story short, my mate and l had stayed with my car for its repatriation by the AA. We thought, notwithstanding the indignity of the breakdown, that we had nothing further to worry about, once we were dropped off at the Calais ferry terminal, late at night, last ferry of the day, front of queue. We were then refused entry on board, because the car didn’t have a towing eye. We begged and pleaded appealed and beseeched; but no joy. An edict from the Calais Chamber of Commerce, apparently; no towing bracket, no shipment! A TVR equipe (it had been Le Mans classique) offered to schlepp us on behind them, and they were told if they did that, they’d be barred from boarding, too. End of story – we didn’t get on the ferry. I had no foreknowledge of this reg, but if you plan to take your P-type abroad, fit that towing eye! Tim.