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Tim WilsonTim Wilson

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks for all your words of wisdom, chaps; really helpful prompts. First, l am fairly certain that my tank is from an Allard – perhaps a P1 or M-type – so l want to keep it – and to keep it as original as poss. However, one can see that it has been hacked about in the past. Inside, apart from superficial rust, it looks OK. The problem in POR 15-ing it might be that there is at least 1 huge internal baffle (possibly 2), which could militate against a thorough, even coating of sealant. And l hear what you quote from Jim Turnbull, Ben; years ago l did slosh my TR3 tank with a proprietary sealant, which subsequently (2014) failed during a Le Mans jaunt and resulted in an AA ride back from Ypres and having to renew the tank. Mel, l do have a filter as an integral part of the Facet pump (l’ve checked it’s clear) and a further filter just downstream of the pressure regulate on the scuttle. David: great minds think alike! Yesterday I jury-rigged just what you describe and would’ve tried it out today, had it not been pouring with rain. Ron: while l have flushed the tank with water (and dried it out completely) l think l might now use a chemical flush to consolidate the process. I will keep you all posted; if you’ve further thoughts, please add to the mix! Tim.</p>