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Ron DowleRon Dowle

    Not sure if this helps. This years Motorsport UK reg’s are as follows.  For Race, Rally, sprint, hill climbs and special stage rally.


    FIA 8860-2004                   (Not valid after 31.12.21)

    FIA 8860-2010

    FIA 8859-2015

    SNELL SA2010                   (Not valid after 31.12.23)

    SNELL SA2015                   (Not valid after 31.12.26)

    SNELL SAH2010 (Not valid after 31.12.23)

    SNELL SA2020

    Please remember A Motorsport UK sticker must be applied to the outside of the helmet in the approximate location near the driver’s right ear.

    9.1.1. FIA Standard Overalls  for Racing, Rallies, Sprints and Hill Climbs:

    FIA 8856-2018   and   FIA 8856-2000

    FIA Standard Overalls homologation label will be stitched into the fabric of the garment or on a sewn in label.