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Bart RatkiewiczBart Ratkiewicz

    Looks as if we’ll have Dave, James, Chris and me at Prescott on Sunday the 4th. Chris also attending on Saturday the 3rd.

    I’ve had a few tuning problems with the Cad in the K1 but having just had the ignition tested on a diagnostic machine where it was considered ok the recommendation was it might be carburation and to fit a new 600cfm Holly in place of the old one.

    I ordered it yesterday from Real Steel who had one on the shelf and it arrived this morning  £450 inc p&p – that’s service!

    Now I just need to fit it and get the car back to the rolling road for fine tuning before driving down to Prescott. At least that’s all I hope I need to do and that it happens as easy as I hope – no chance there then !!