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Tim WilsonTim Wilson

    Anyway, re. spec., my Special has indeterminate provenance but has P-type front axle/suspension and nosecone and what appears to be a ‘top-hat’ front x-member. In fact, apart from the alloy body, almost everything is ‘Allard’. Rear x-member has been moved back and the chassis shortened to a 100″ wheelbase. Robert R-C, owner of KLD 5, has said that the rear (Columbia Skydrive) axle is from a derelict J1. It has a stock 3.6L Ford Pilot engine (single carb) and 3-speed gearbox, phase 2 brakes, and mostly Allard dashboard instruments. A huge Allard fuel tank. The ‘early’ radiator l have had recored with more tubes. Custom exhaust. I’ve fitted a 100A alternator and an electric ‘puller’ fan (retaining all original parts for keeping with the car). David Cornwallis has rebuilt the steering box so that it now feels as good as rack & pinion. The car weighs 19cwt.

    I’ve gone on for too long😆.