Allard Global Online Concours

The Allard Register are excited to announce the return of the Allard Global Online Concours! After the success of last years Allard Global Online Concours (AGOC) – 73 entrants! – several members asked if they would do it again this year. Not wanting to disappoint the Allard community, they decided to do it again. The format will be similar to last years event, but with a few interesting changes. This year there will be the following classes:

  • L. M, and P types
  • K-series & Palm Beach
  • J-series
  • Restoration Class
  • Specials (free for all class)
  • They’ll also award Best in Show, People’s Choice, Judges Award….plus the Top 3 Racing Allard’s and Top 3 Sports/Touring Allard’s. They’ll also give awards for Best Photography…and Best Video (more on that later).

Entrants will need to submit:

  • Up to eight (8) photos of your Allard. Submissions must include at least (1) photo each of the chassis plate, interior and engine bay.  You don’t need to have a pretty background (but it helps), and the photos should be in focus.
  • A written description of the car, its features, and history. Submissions can be no longer than 150 words. Non-English entries are encouraged and will be translated to English via Google and cleaned up.
  • OPTIONAL: Submit a 5 minute (max) long video of your Allard. There are no rules, just make it interesting. Videos should be submitted to Youtube.

Entrants will be evaluated by an elite/eclectic cast of judges…who have yet to be determined!
Please note 2020 1st Place class award winners will not be eligible for class or top awards, but they can win a special award.
Please send your submissions (and questions) to including your name and mailing address. Entries are due by April 30 Entry dates now extended until end of May!